Thursday, September 14, 2006

Logo quiz time!

So you think you know your council logos huh?

Based on this news story: "Hackney threatens Nike over logo "

Interesting to see the way different councils approach the idea of branding. I'm sure some of them don't give a monkey's about it because it's an unnecessary expense. Others have made great efforts to portray the feeling and character of a place. Take for example these two logos and see how a slightly different approach can give a completely different message!

Although they are both using a modern approach to portray ideas about the town one seems a lot more traditional while the other is a more rooted City life (urbane?) design.

Welcome to the world of logo!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lines of Enquiry

I draw stuff. That's, on a basic level, my job. OK it gets a bit more complex than that and if you fancy a coffee I'll buy you one and tell you about it sometime. But I draw when figuring out a way of communicating information or when actually illustrating technical concepts.

Lines of Enquiry at Kettle's Yard in Cambridge: , shows other professional scribblings. Beautiful illustrations of boffins of all sorts thinking through their highly complex work through drawing. Fantastic! Not only an insight into how non-'designers' (graphic) illustrate concepts but just plain beautiful too. This aesthetic beauty was largely a by-product, but sometimes intended (as in the illustrations by Dick Powell and Richard Seymour).

"Sketching helps me think" Professor Philip Cooper.

So what are you waiting for?
Get sketching kids.