Monday, January 14, 2013

How to be Creative

Although I've worked in the creative field for many years I've never really analysed the process of how to be creative. It just happens. I'm not saying I'm a natural at it as I took me many years studying in the creative arts and then being surrounded by superb, creative people from whom I learnt creative nurturing techniques. This is why I found the following video so fascinating: somebody who has studied the process carefully and rounded up the salient points into a 25 minute presentation. And to top it all the speaker in question is John Cleese which makes it informative, creative and funny! Check it out…. (but give yourself some space and time in order to do so)

Monday, January 07, 2013

Learning something in 2013 for your resolutions?

Have you thought about how technology will impact upon that learning process?

When I first started learning French, some twenty years ago I had access to a teacher during lesson time, books in the library and cassettes for listening comprehension. Some tv programmes were available but were difficult to get hold of. Maybe I could have video taped them and watched them at some other time, but let's face it, this was a faff on.

Leap forward to 2013 and we can see how learning has changed. Essa Academy is at the forefront of student interaction technology, having issued every child and teacher with an ipad. The upshot? No heavy books for the kids to lug around, instant feedback from teachers during the lessons and a reduction in the photocopying bill of some £65,000.

See the BBC video here ...

…and an older but more comprehensive video showing the school's 'enabling' ethos headed by the Principal, Showk Badat.