Thursday, August 03, 2006

happy pictures

Artwork 'changes to suit moods'
Having read the above article I found it quite interesting to see the different interpretations to the different 'mood' pictures. What was perceived to be 'happy' visually had rounded shapes and warm colours. For me it reinforces all those colour references we pick up throughout life such as sadness being associated with blue or anger having a jagged 'personality'.

I've found also that this can apply to music too( In my own experience I sometimes find that the 'Clutch' album I bought, although great for mountain biking to, or even doing the housework, isn't really calming.

All these wonderful cultural references are up for grabs when design communications. How lucky we are to be able to play with such a diverse palette or colours, sounds and textures in order to get the desired effect!

OK, back to work. Get on the AC/DC!

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