Friday, March 05, 2010

Fireworks shortcuts

I enjoy using Fireworks as it very efficiently produces JPEGs and GIFs I can use for web design. If I really want to it can also produce HTML ready websites but I'm guessing that the code it produces is worse than that of Dreamweaver! But Fireworks is a good program to use as it enables me to quickly see how a website might look and preview its functions in a browser.

Today though I had a problem as the toolbox wasn't responding. Everything else was fine but I couldn't access the left hand toolbox. This is what I found as a quick workaround:

All the keyboard shortcuts for Fireworks which proved very useful and allowed me to get on with my work. Of course the real solution is getting the toolbox working again but these shortcuts are useful to know anytime and if you use a program often can speed up your work flow a lot.

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