Friday, July 19, 2013

Network with confidence: you have nothing to lose! Networking with Jerome Jarre

What do kids these days know, huh? Nothing! We're more experienced, been there, done that. On top of it all young people simply don't have the get up and go of we more seasoned business folk. They just laze around all day checking facebook, playing video games and producing monosyllabic grunts when in need of food, right?

If you think like this then you should check out the following video about networking and challenging yourself to achieve your goals. Jerome Jarre is a young guy but with a lot of energy who (among other things) has made crazy videos which other young twenty somethings love. Funny, daft, irreverent.

He's also, in my opinion, an astute entrepreneur from whom we can learn. Check out this video. Give it time and you'll see (3minutes).

Conclusions: dare to do it, be bold and be creative about it. There's no point waiting for these people to come to you. You need to take the 'game' to them.

As my karate teacher (read my martial arts blog here) used to say the strength of effort is the measure of the results (he paraphrased James Allen) . Ok there's a side discussion here about effort, efficiency and results: my point is if you do NOTHING then NOTHING will happen. It's pointless sitting around all day waiting for emails to come to you if you haven't reached out in the first place. You have to be targeted, focused and smart with your efforts but this process of focusing your efforts on a goals and objectives means you're getting it done.

Focus your efforts.
Get creative.
Dare to do it...

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