Thursday, November 15, 2012

First 3D measurement chip developed to make mobile gestural interaction possible

Following on from my sci-fi inspired gestural interface post, I'm following up with a bit of good news concerning the development of technology that may well soon make this into a reality.

As well as the camera-based technology developed by others such as Leap based on camera technology there are advances in electrical field controlling for mobile devices too.

Overview of Leap's technology

Microchip Technology are now launching chips which help mobile devices sense movements in 3D using this electrical field technology. With an active area of only 6 inches though, this is somewhat limited. One can envisage applications in controlling mobile devices which may not need more than that distance for effective interface. Check out Mashable's article about the new chip release.

A general, corporate video from the technology developer, Ident Technology AG.

Here is the technology developer's website, Ident-Technology.

Gesture control

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