Friday, December 07, 2012

How to get people to do what you want

This is a great video by Associate Professor Charles Dwyer who has a quirky and funny delivery. I'm pleased I found this video as it reaffirms some of the thoughts I had about working with others.

"People do what they do to take care of what's important for them"…

- It's all your responsibility! 100%
- Positive reinforcement and influence
- There's no place for ego:people will do it for *their* reasons
- The stuff of human influence is fluff: timing, words, tone…
- Reasons with "because" increases the likelihood of your demand being followed through
- Ask for help from others
- Thank people
- Communication breakdowns are your fault, "I must not have said that very well, let me try that again…"

McCabe's Law: "McCabe's Law: Nobody _has_ to do _anything_."

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