Sunday, December 02, 2012

Old Skool UI

As our car was in for a service I had the opportunity of using the new Scenic for a while and was interested by the dashboard UI. The most interesting thing I noticed was that the fuel gauge was old skool! The display was fully animated and this fuel indicator was in fact a facsimile of the way analogue fuel used to appear. I'm sure this is the result of much user feedback and not the whim of a misty-eyed older designer (ahem). 

In addition the rev counter was a sliding arched scale much like you'd see in a video game and the speedometer was a digit. Have video games influenced dashboard UI? Car games dashboards have long needed to be animated and this sort of animation is commonplace in the virtual world. Have we been so influenced by games that we *need* similar UI in our real cars?

Is this life imitating [c]art?

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